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“The Man Who Brings Art To Life Through Music”.


Meet Jarell Ebuka (Full Name: Chukwuebuka Jarell Enujuba) the Animator who also happens to be an independent singer/songwriter and producer, bringing art to life through his music. With his excellent guitar playing technique, his soulful voice and a unique songwriting style, he captures not only the ears of his listeners but also their hearts.

Born as the youngest of three in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, Jarell Ebuka has loved music right from a tender age. Faced with difficulties academically, he promised himself that he would excel artistically. He therefore adopted a never-give-up attitude and taught himself to play the guitar at  the age of 18, developed his skills as a singer/songwriter, and pursued his dream BSc course, Computer Animation and Special Effects.

After obtaining his BSc in Bradford, England, he moved to London to further his passion for music. Here, he spent a year obtaining a Masters degree in Audio Production and Music. 

While based in London, Jarell played over 150 gigs across England during the period of mid 2014 to mid 2016, broadening his performance skills and building his fan base. This collection of unique skills has made him a force in the industry, as he personally handles everything in the music production pipeline: including his album art creations, his lyric video animations, and his music productions.

With the skills harnessed through the years, Jarell has gone on tour cities around the world armed with just his voice and a guitar he has played countless gigs in Abuja, Lagos, London, Manchester, Nashville, Georgia, Washington D.C to name a few. From hosting his own shows, busking on the streets and opening for well established artists and also playing live from the living rooms of his adoring fans.

Since 2015 Jarell has written and produced music for his fellow artists as well as producing and releasing his own music, 2 EPs and quite a number of singles. His latest EP “Dancing In The Flame”was released in January 2020. Currently based in Abuja, Nigeria, he is recording a new E.P titled, “Stripped”, an acoustic compilation of a few of his previous songs to be released in the new year. 

Jarell Ebuka is definitely one to keep your eye on, as he writes music that’s from the heart and inspired by real life events that most can relate to.

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