Many Years Ago


Many years ago

Before you knew I sing

Before the world became so tough

Before the strands under my chin

Many years ago

Before you knew my name 

See we were only children running free with just no aim 

Many years ago, we were so naive 

Going way beyond the gates 

Risking life for curiosity

With No account to hold 

Never doing as we're told 

Watching life as it unfolds


Now I see new kids are playing on our ground 

I'm the uncle they're looking up to now 

Can we go back to the days when all we did was



Give love to Get love, 

Oh yes we Give love

To get more love love

So would you give me love 

As to get love 

So give love love love

To get more love love

To get more love love 


Verse 2


So open up your mind

Oh free your soul as you fill it with sweet nectar let it take all of control

Oh many years ago 

we never thought today would show 

Believing every word we're told

From those who came before

Now a few days ago

I went back to my hometown 

It's a new world as I look at it it's  

it's foreign to me now

With old friends hairlines receding 

Wedding bands and vows are given

On their own they go to make some more of us to be the





I know life can get so cold

When you’re young and growing old

Be the one be the one to take control

Be the one to own your own

Oh no point in measuring your growth

With the growth of those you know

See I’ve been up and down that road 

I was struggling for sure

No one has life figured out

No one knows the end or there about 

No one knows who your meant to be 

No one ever really has the key

So is the life that you live really your own 

If you’re only living as you are told 

By someone in the depth of society 

Who deep down is dying to be free


Deep Down They’re Dying to be free

Deep down are you wishing you were free

Deep down they’re dying to be free

They are wishing they were free